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B2B companies need to be brave in the era of authenticity - Insights

B2B companies need to be brave in the era of authenticity

What a time to be alive. I am so excited by the evolving marketing and communications landscape. There really is a need for a shake-up in so many B2B markets.

We are currently seeing many come to us for a fresh perspective. New ideas. A neutral opinion from the outsiders.

Others really need a more in-depth understanding of their clients. Talk to your clients, not your competitors!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate of discussing industry insights, challenges, evolving service offerings and throwing a few abbreviations in there with industry peers.

But I guarantee you are holding yourselves back if you are more worried about the market than your clients. It’s 2019 and they want to know what you stand for. Why you’re unique and why they should choose and continue to work with you.

Making moves that others have already done is lazy and not a true representation of why your brand is there in the first place. Authenticity is so key when bringing through your brand purpose. Take fresh ideas from other industries; they can absolutely be remoulded into yours.

Let clients meet the faces behind your company. Why not?

There’s less and less hiding. Social media enables us to show what we are doing day to day. We can make video or write content in just a few moments and have it in the public domain across multiple marketing channels. Pure authenticity. But there are so many B2B brands that still aren’t making this work.

What are you doing to leverage your brand in the most authentic way? Do you want to, but don’t know how to?

The good news is we are brave. We know what it takes to sink our teeth into a dated brand and reinvigorate authentically from top to bottom, with both internal and external strategies. And I know that we believe in this approach more than anyone.

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Written by: Jamie Clifton
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