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Ads to start showing in the Instagram Explore tab - Insights
Instagram Explore

Ads to start showing in the Instagram Explore tab

Instagram announced on Wednesday that they will be introducing ads to the ‘Explore’ tab. Instead of directly appearing in the ‘Explore’ grid, the ads will appear after a user taps on a post and scrolls through similar images. The ‘Explore’ tab uses algorithms to show personalised recommendations to users from posts, stories and IGTV.

Instagram has confirmed that they will be introducing the ads “slowly and thoughtfully in the coming months”. The social media giant will first test the ads promoting IGTV. They will then introduce the new feature to some brands in the coming weeks. Once the feature becomes available to everyone, brands will be able to create the ads in the same way as they do already with feed and stories ads in Facebook Ads Manager. At first, you will need to opt-in to place ads in the ‘Explore’ tab. However, this will then become a default option with an opt-out option.

In a blog post confirming the feature, Instagram stated that they will continue to invest in the ‘Explore’ tab. They “want it to be the best place for people to discover something new and for businesses to connect with people who might become meaningful customers”.

However, the new feature has come a few weeks after agencies voiced concerns over a dip in their organic reach. Many believe that Instagram’s algorithm will follow Facebook where organic reach and engagement has been hit to push the monetisation side of the platform. Although Instagram stated there wasn’t an algorithm change that affected the performance of organic posts, only time will tell.

What are the benefits of Instagram explore tab?

  • First and foremost – it’s free!
  • Before Instagram likes disappear, it will help your posts to get more likes
  • As your business will be exposed to a whole new audience of potential customers, it will help build your brand awareness, as well as sell more products because it’s reaching a new audience
  • You will be given more exposure to the type of customers that you’re wanting to attract as you’ll see a targeted audience instead of a random one
Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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