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5 ways to promote the value of your architecture firm - Insights
promote the value of your architecture firm

5 ways to promote the value of your architecture firm

The built environment is all around us in every aspect of our lives, from the homes we live in, the streets we walk down and the places we visit. Admittedly, we tend to overlook the buildings we become so accustomed to living, working and studying in. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth shouting about when brilliant design and build has gone into creating the spaces.

Promoting the value of architecture can be achieved through an effective marketing strategy. Using your content, you can ensure your target audience and potential customers understand just how much architecture influences them economically, socially, culturally and environmentally. Remember, your target audience is the ideal customer that you want to appeal to with your marketing. Here are five ways you can promote the value of architecture:

1. Use video content to your advantage

Architecture is visual in its nature. Shapes, lines, colours, textures, light, depth – it needs to be showcased to be appreciated. Video content expresses the quality of your projects, skills and ideas in an engaging way. While static images are a great snapshot of design and build, video gives your audience the full, dynamic scope of a space. You should create video content that’s purposeful and adds value to your audience. Tell them who you are, what you can do, why they should care about your projects, a trend that’s growing or something they would benefit from learning.

Your videos don’t have to cost a lot to produce. You can create them using your smartphone or camera and free video editing software. As long as your video has direction, a purpose and creates value, it will be quality content. As videos are quick and easy to consume, you want them to get as much attention as possible from your audience and potential customers. Share your videos on your social media channels whether it’s YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Sharing it on your website and across your social media channels will raise brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to your website. 

2. Develop a strong and active social media presence

As mentioned above, social media is your best friend. Engaging posts ensure your audience and prospects understand your firm, services, expertise and opinions. Promoting the value of architecture through social media will increase brand awareness, expand your audience and develop positive customer relationships. You should share your quality content through your social media at any opportunity. Posting regularly will ensure your audience becomes reliant on your expertise and opinion when it comes to the architecture industry.

You should share your video content, blog posts, featured magazine articles, case studies and infographics on your social media channels. Support your competitors and other industry professionals by sharing their content too if it provides value to your audience. Start and engage in conversations with your followers and industry leaders to discuss opinions on a certain trending topic. This will ensure you’re up to date with the conversations being had in the industry and can understand what your audience wants to see from your architecture firm.

3. Deliver engaging email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a sure-fire way to get your message directly in front of your target consumers. Think about the things your audience wants to know about architecture. Do they want to see your case studies, project work, news, trends, opinions, insights or events? You could segment your email data lists depending on business type, industry or interests to make sure your audience receives relevant and personalised content.

You could look at your social media and website analytics to learn which is your most engaging content. If your case studies are popular, you could send a project round-up with your most recent case studies showcased. If it’s the opinion pieces on your blog, you could share exclusive insights and direct them to your website to drive traffic. A monthly newsletter compiling all of your most popular and important content may be a great way to engage all of your data lists and raise awareness of your services and value.

4. Create compelling project case studies

A particularly valuable type of content marketing for architects is case studies. Case studies explore the process of your projects from start to finish to demonstrate the value of your services. The process part is key. It’s not enough to show the finished result without showing the starting point and challenges you experienced. This is where value is created – in overcoming challenges with smart solutions that your audience appreciates. Case studies can be in any format you want, they don’t have to be blocks of text. You could create a video case study, infographic or ebook to highlight your great projects.

Your case studies should be published on your website and shared across your social media channels. As mentioned before, you could share your case studies via your email marketing campaigns to direct users straight to your website. By demonstrating your expertise in this way, you can show exactly why your design and build services are worth the investment.

5. Establish a presence at industry events and exhibitions

Establishing a presence at architecture industry events and exhibitions helps you to promote value to a captive audience. National and international awards and exhibitions especially will help your projects be seen on a much larger scale. You could book a stand at an exhibition or trade show and display your marketing literature and video content. This will raise brand awareness and give you access to a wider audience who may not have heard of your architecture firm before. You could try to secure a speaking slot if you specialise in a specific area of architecture and have the expertise that can be shared with attendees.

Submitting your talented architects and firm for industry awards will help you gain attention and acclamation for your work. Awards and accreditations should be shared on your website and social media to ensure your audience knows the great work you’re doing.

Content marketing is the most effective way to promote the value of architecture. Through video content, case studies, social media, email campaigns and industry events, your digital channels promote your skills and raise awareness of great design. This will make sure your customers and potential customers understand the value that quality architecture provides.

Written by: Laura Greenhalgh
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