Scary SEO

5 Scary SEO Realities that still Occur

1 – SEO reactives

I can say this again and again, and again. There is no quick fix, guaranteed overnight success or magic wands. When it comes to your SEO, you need to create a strategy and be patient. The reality is, it can take years to perfect. The difference between ranking on page one at the bottom and ranking amongst the top positions can be a completely different animal in terms of traffic and results.

It is absolutely pointless running a campaign for a few weeks, one month, even two months. You have to stick at it and work at getting the right traffic to your website to drive enquiries, sales or whatever your end goal is. Your website is a key marketing tool and SEO is a practice to increase revenue. If it was that simple, we’d all have tons of leads and be making much more revenue. It is complicated, requires both effort and expertise but it is worthwhile. Those that have given it the justice it deserves will tell you that it’s the best long-term return on investment in marketing.

2 – Keyword stuffing

The keyword market is tough. With high competition for high search volume keywords, naturally many are still trying to fill their content full of the chosen keyword(s) rather than keeping their keyword density on the sensible straight and narrow, in an attempt to push their rankings up. There’s a fine balance required to keep your website and content great. Place your efforts on user experience, not beating the algorithms.

3 – Adding marginal content for SEO

There is half an understanding that SEO and content are somewhat related. Obviously content needs to be optimised for search results and naturally, users won’t find you if your content isn’t optimised for the search engines. But adding any old content isn’t going to be a quick fix. You must analyse your content, compare it to your market and realise the true quality of what is being put in front of the user can improve or tarnish your brand in an instant.

4 – Following the same practices, expecting better results

SEO changes and evolves often, so it’s imperative to be agile and ready for change. It could be the difference between gaining and losing a competitive advantage if you aren’t ready to adopt new ways to improve SEO performance. It requires weekly, even daily reading on the latest algorithm changes that will affect your SEO strategy, but you should take note and be ready to react. Embrace them and make a positive difference from any changes. Stand still and you fall behind.

5 – Failing to deal with technical issues

Brands are adding lots of pages, links and fresh content to their website, which is brilliant. They still miss common technical problems, however, which could negatively impact the search engine results. Companies are still not optimising imagery and video, addressing slow load times, fixing mobile errors or broken links. It’s important that brands understand this kind of development needs to be ongoing to keep your website clean of fundamental issues as you add more to a bigger website.

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Written by: Jamie Clifton
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