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5 reasons why your business needs a CRM system - bolt
CRM system

5 reasons why your business needs a CRM system

A customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to manage customers across the whole lifecycle. It’s your central platform for all customer-related data. A CRM system is a software that allows you to nurture relationships with prospective and existing customers to grow your business and drive profitability. It integrates your marketing, sales and service capabilities to provide you with insights and analytics to improve your business strategies.

If you’re considering whether getting a CRM system is right for your business, look at how your teams currently operate. Where do you keep all of your information on leads and customers? Is it all in one place or different areas? Do your customers interact with different members of your team or deal with one representative? Where do you keep track of interactions and the information each customer has received?  How do customers interact with your content? How do you follow up with customers?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions or you’ve come to the realisation that your processes could be improved, it might be time for a CRM system.

What are the benefits of a CRM system?

The main benefit of a CRM system is growth. When you start gathering data and generating leads, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and miss opportunities for follow up. More of your time is taken up with administrative duties, calls, emails and trying to determine who you have and haven’t engaged with to move them onto the next stage of the lifecycle. You can miss appointments, meetings, forget to email back or send that information you promised. 

CRM improves your opportunities to reach out and engage with customers. You can track and monitor every customer interaction across the buyer’s journey to ensure your customers receive the best service at each touchpoint. Ultimately, CRM helps you achieve your business goals. You can gain visibility across your whole business, not just a specific department. It integrates all teams who get value from the CRM system; supporting not just your sales, marketing and service team but also your operations, finance and HR teams.

A CRM system takes away the administrative burden that comes with growing customer relationships. It automates processes to save you time so you can become more efficient and productive. You’re able to focus your efforts on optimising your processes to drive business growth.

5 reasons why your business needs a CRM system:

1. Centralise all customer data

A CRM system is a central location for all of the information produced by customers’ interactions with your company. This includes personal information, purchase history, email communications and content engagement. You can create a personalised experience for your customers as they move through the buyer’s journey.

With all of your details manageable in one place, you can organise all of your contacts, leads and customers efficiently. Your entire business can gain visibility and insight into your customer relationships to ensure you deliver a seamless experience for every customer.

2. Automate your business processes

CRM enables you to automate your engagement efforts with customers. You no longer have to move from system to system to input the right data in the right place. A CRM will take care of the process for you; allowing you to save time, engage further with customers and close a sale sooner.

A CRM system can automate data entry, produce email sequences for engaging with leads consistently, track all customer interactions automatically and log all customer service queries. Depending on the CRM system you use, you can integrate marketing automation. Automatically deliver engaging content that’s personalised based on the interactions and stage of the buyer’s journey.

3. Integrate your department functions

Customers will deal with multiple team members throughout the buyer’s journey. They will feel the impact of your team members not being on the same page when it comes to interactions. CRM integrates your departments to ensure everyone has visibility of where customers are along the customer lifecycle.

It ensures your customers feel like they’re interacting with one brand, not different people. 

Your team can understand the communication customers have received, how they’ve engaged with information and what needs to be done to move them through the pipeline. You gain context about your customers’ needs, wants and stage of the buyer’s journey so any team member can pick up where another left off. 

4. Improve lead generation

CRM presents lead opportunities across the whole pipeline. The CRM system can capture your lead data and input it across your prospective customer’s touchpoints to identify engagement opportunities. You can then implement lead nurturing tactics to move your prospect onto the next stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Delivering the right content at the right time using automation and personalisation will ensure your brand is at the forefront of the prospect’s mind. Reaching out to your leads at the right point in their decision-making process improves your chances of making a conversion. 

5. Easily report and analyse data

A CRM can give you total visibility of your business performance. The system contains your analytical data which you can easily pull right when you need it. The reporting software gives you insights into your customer experience and pipeline so you can make more accurate and informed decisions.

You no longer need to spend days creating detailed reports covering each of your campaigns and projects. You can choose which analytics are the most important to your business and automatically generate reports based on your data. 

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a powerful solution that gives you full control over your sales, marketing and service pipelines. You get up-to-the-minute data that enables you to attract users, convert leads and close customers.

Learn why HubSpot is the CRM system for you by watching the video below.

Want to grow your business with HubSpot CRM? Contact bolt for a free discovery session to guide you through HubSpot integration.

Written by: Laura Greenhalgh
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