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3 companies that have got their branding right during the crisis - bolt
Easyjet face masks branding right during the crisis

3 companies that have got their branding right during the crisis

It’s a scary world out there right now and the things that would usually make us feel better like going out for food or taking a holiday are either a stressful experience or not currently possible.

Here we discuss a few brands we’ve noticed who are absolutely nailing their messaging right now and showing us all the love we need to get through this together.


The family-owned business from Yorkshire reminds people to stay at home with a plate of the nation’s favourite chips.

How they’ve adapted: While in-keeping with the current theme about family time, McCain has tweaked their messaging slightly to show how people are changing their lifestyles and staying at home but can still come together with a heartwarming meal.

Why it’s worked for them: They’ve got the relatability factor on their side showing how families and people living together are handling lockdown with shots of key workers, back garden workouts and couples re-imagining their date nights from the sofa. Combining this and how something simple that everyone loves can bring each person together even in uncertain times.

How you can learn from it: We all love good comfort food when times are hard and having a family favourite amidst the crisis can bring happiness to everyone.


With most people desperate to take to the skies again easyJet has recognised that some young flyers may be anxious to get back on board with all of the new measures in place. With this in mind, easyJet has created a range of comic book character masks to help ease the worries children may have of wearing face coverings whilst on board.

Easyjet face masks

How they’ve adapted: Whilst sticking to the government guidelines, easyJet has enhanced its range of masks for children by adding comic book faces to take the edge off their anxieties about the adaptations being made in these uncertain times.

Why it’s worked for them: Going on holiday is something that should be fun and exciting. Currently, the world may be a scary place for children who can get confused and worrisome about change. easyJet are creating something that brings the fun back to what may presently be a frightening experience.

How you can learn from it: Following the rules is important but so is being young. You can follow the rules and still have fun as long as you’re safe. After all, holidays are meant to be enjoyable and adventurous.

Channel 4

Channel 4 launched a series of short videos as a stay at home campaign to stress the importance of staying home and saving lives. The self-shot series of videos reveal the Channel 4 celebrities completing everyday mundane tasks that we can all relate to.

How they’ve adapted: As everyone’s either off work or working from home, the professionals are taking a break and Channel 4 are giving us a “fly on the wall” insight into what our most adored celebrities are up to whilst staying indoors.

Why it’s worked for them: We’re a nation of nosy parkers and who wouldn’t want to get an exclusive look into the homes of the rich and famous to see how they’re coping during lockdown? From Jon Snow ironing his ties to Scarlett Moffatt pairing up her socks, this relatable comedy series gives viewers the chance to see that we’re all together in this, no matter our background.

How you can learn from it: The campaign aimed to hit a hard to reach target audience, particular viewers who were not being reached by the outgoing COVID messages. 

The audience was targeted by humour and relatable tasks in order to encourage them to stay home and save lives. Using the phrase, “Britain! We need your buttocks!” The viewers have been given a lighthearted message with something simple and easy they could all be part of; to sit on the sofa and stay there!

These three brands have done great things with their messaging during the crisis the world is going through. Some intelligent emotional choices have made it easy for viewers to relate to the communications they’ve released. Creating the feeling of togetherness and camaraderie has been exactly what we all need during a time when we have felt so isolated.

Fun characters and activities with celebrities have taken the edge off an otherwise scary time to bring a bit of warmth and light to our lives. Moving forward we expect to see a lot of more of this energetic and emotive messaging from brands. Viewers like to feel supported by the brands they love and this is exactly what McCain, easyJet and Channel 4 have achieved so well.

Written by: Hannah Benton
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